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You are not alone.

Are you wrestling with NFP and how it fits into your marriage? Not just with the practical, physiological aspects of NFP, but the emotional and spiritual components, too? Do you wish you had more support, more community, and a deeper understanding of the "why" behind Natural Family Planning? Off the Charts is for you.


What is Off the Charts, exactly?

A membership community.

A platform for interaction and continuing education.

A place to find accompaniment while living the NFP lifestyle according to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

And most of all? A source of encouragement and inspiration for your marriage and your relationship with your spouse and your Creator.

What can you expect?

Ongoing formation and education in the practical, spiritual, relational, financial, and emotional aspects of Natural Family Planning – not just the stuff of specific methods and charts and apps, but resources for the rest of your life, all of which is touched by NFP.

Extensive content

Live and streaming workshops covering topics like: communication between spouses, building trust + intimacy outside the bedroom, finding help, hiring the right provider, breaking up with a “bad” method, setting your NFP budget, and much more.

Ongoing education

We cover NFP in all its facets: biological, spiritual, emotional, relational, financial — NFP is about more than just a chart or an app.

Digitally delivered

Content that will be delivered digitally, including streaming in-person live events, so you’ll never need to find a sitter, book a flight, or carve time out of your workday or away from your family or parish

Faithful to the Church

The door is enthusiastically open to all NFP users and seekers of goodwill, but Off the Charts will be operating from a Catholic worldview and in continual reference to Catholic morality and beliefs.

Monthly workshops with certified NFP instructors

"This has already been such a gift to our marriage."

Off the Charts Member

"This so beautiful. Thank you for this. I will come back to this time and again."

Off the Charts member

"...was feeling overwhelmed by discouragement about teaching NFP. And then I remembered I was part of this community... very encouraging to not feel alone! "

Off the Charts member

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Unlimited access to a unique, supportive NFP community of women, couples, and NFP professionals who share their knowledge and personal stories.
  • Exclusive video content including live webinars, workshops, and Q&A sessions with priests, NFP professionals, and real life NFP users
  • Essays, blog posts and other exclusive content crafted just for the Off the Charts community 

We offer a reduced membership for all NFP instructors.

Because the real heroes of the NFP world are the instructors who work to teach, coach, and accompany users on their NFP journey.

By signing up as a Catholic NFP instructor, you qualify for reduced price access to Off the ChartsIn return, you agree to regularly comment/respond in the OTC Community Forum and be available to record one (1) interview/workshop per year.  

When you sign up a membership, please indicate your name and/or business name, the method you teach, and your website/online presence. We're thrilled you're here!


4-6 monthly "deliverables," including: 

  • Video workshops + interviews with NFP instructors
  • Live Q&A sessions with Jenny (recorded for easy access)
  • Written content touching on specific NFP issues like postpartum NFP, changing methods, spiritual support for your NFP journey, and workshops that touch on practical and relational issues.
  • Audio interviews with priests, NFP users, and experts in the field 
  • Ongoing community support + access to our "Ask a priest" and "Live Q&A" features.


You can write us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to answer them!

Registration opens soon!

Doors are opening August 2019


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